Resources for Tournament Directors

This page is meant to be a resource to those clubs who are interested in hosting their own chessTabletournaments.  It is a work in progress.  I will do my best to add useful information here as the season progresses.  Feedback is welcome!



  • Tournament Setup Photos - Pictures taken of a tournament after the setup was complete.
  • Tournament Spreadsheet - This document contains a sample volunteer sheet, sample concession donation list, and a sample tournament room layout.  These are meant to be used as reference and will have to be customized for each event.
  • Team Abbreviations - This is useful for looking up team names.
  • Tournament Room Signs - Signs that can be used in the tournament room.
  • Sample Team Packet - When the coach checks a team in at a trounament, they get a packet that contains information about the current tournament, and future tournaments.  They also get a printed roster that MUST be verified and corrected before the check in deadline (usually 8:30).
  • Packet Information Template - This Word Document can be used as your instruction sheet for the packet.  Be sure to update the document with location and tournament specific details.
  • Notation Sheet
  • Sample Flyers


  • Bye Request
  • Change Form
  • USCF Membership Form
  • USCF Membership Spreadsheet - Coaches can fill this spreadsheet out and submit it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. the Thursday before the tournament.  Please be sure to send the spreadsheet before 7:00 pm.  USCF Memberships fees will be discounted $3.00 per membership for those who participate in the early membership spreadsheet. If you have JTP members, please put JTP in the CODE column.  

    Fees without the discount:

    $17  USCF / ICA (under 12)

    $22 USCF / ICA (12 and over)

    $0   JTP (Gr. K-3 and Playing Lower Primary or Upper Primary Section)